FILMCITY Universal View Finder (FC-UVF)

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FILMCITY Universal View Finder (FC-UVF)

FILMCITY Universal View Finder (FC-UVF)

Product Information

Name : FILMCITY Universal View Finder (FC-UVF)
Manufacturer : Cinecity
Model : 954-FC-UVF
Color :

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Feature of FILMCITY Universal View Finder (FC-UVF)

  • Advance focusing, composition and shooting stability. Unique magnet system offers rapid setup in 1 sec. Ultimate control on unnecessary light.
  • Provides a high resolution & exceptional brilliant image. Fits with 701HDV and 501PL fluid head. Quality long life construction.
  • Enhances stability when shooting video with a DSLR camera. Adjustable diopter ring. Rotatable & Removable Eye-Cup.
  • Allows the use of LCD in bright daylight outdoors. Fast and Functionally designed to fit on a variety of cameras.
  • Easily focus on your subject, offers a true view of your image.
  • Description

    Description of FILMCITY Universal View Finder (FC-UVF)

    Craft great footages with better camera control and take advantage of the HD video features of cameras. Provides a large, stable, eye-level viewer uniquely designed for virtually any camera you can dream off. Permits complete focus on your frame, won’t let you miss a thing. Our uniquely designed viewfinder allows Forward / Back / Left / Right adjustments performed to fit a variety of popular DSLR Cameras that use a 3″-3.2″ LCD screen. Innovative magnetic quick release design that is both fast and functional which attaches viewfinder to quick release. Viewfinder prevents annoying glare on your screen so that you can see true colour saturation, contrast, and proper exposure. It remains locked in the downward setting, but flips up quickly to be used as a simple sun hood or to access your touch screen LCD. It is perfect for mounting onto DSLRs to magnify the screen and to avoid any sun glare.It can rotate 360 deg to accommodate both the left and right eye and horizontal and vertical shooting positions. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Filmcity Universal View Finder. Viewfinder Eyepiece: It has an adjustable diopter ring that moves the primary lens forward or back if your image does not appear focused. This is especially helpful for those who have less than perfect vision. MAGNET SYSTEM: Remarkable Design allows a filmmaker to achieve critical focus by only attaching viewfinder to quick release. You can attach viewfinder to quick release through a unique Magnet system. This combination saves the time due to quick attachment. Quick Release: The View Finder uses an innovative magnetic quick release that inserts onto the baseplate. A design that is both fast and functional. The viewfinder attaches to a dedicated tripod plate via a magnetic tab, which holds the viewfinder quite securely despite latching at only one point.


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