Filmcity V1 Follow Focus (FC-V1-FF)

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Filmcity V1 Follow Focus (FC-V1-FF)

Filmcity V1 Follow Focus (FC-V1-FF)

Product Information

Name : Filmcity V1 Follow Focus (FC-V1-FF)
Manufacturer : Cinecity
Model : 954-FC-V1-FF
Color :

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Feature of Filmcity V1 Follow Focus (FC-V1-FF)

  • Adjustable to fit any sized prime lens. Our Quality Assurance Guarantee. Flexible design. Provide greater precision and control over focus. Has a rugged aluminum locking insert.
  • Completely gear driven design for slip-free and accurate movement. Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter. Adjustable locking system. Positional indicator.
  • Totally new top to bottom design. Lever actuated gear rings achieve fast focus. Lightweight fully functional design. Improved design for extended compatibility.
  • Allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a follow focus Industry-standard 0.8 module. Used for precision-controlled manual focus racking.
  • It makes for smooth focus pulls without camera shake. Material – Black anodized aluminum. Length – 4.5″. Connector size – 12mm x 12mm.
  • Description

    Description of Filmcity V1 Follow Focus (FC-V1-FF)

    Fumbling for the focus ring on your camera lens and missing the shot is a professional embarrassment and sometimes a costly mistake. Our FILMCITY V1 follow focus is the answer to optimum focus control at an industry leading. When shooting video with new Tech DSLR/M and camcorders, focus changes and on air follow focus moves usually involve direct hands on manipulation of the focus ring. For many seasoned shooters this is an unacceptable practice that can cause camera shake and missed focus marks. With our FILMCITY V1 those days are over. Achieve critical focus of any level easily like a breeze with our V1 Follow Focus. Make it simple, easy and perfect each time. FILMCITY V1 Follow Focus is flexibly designed light weight equipment allowing a camera operator to work indivertibly and be more precise and efficient. This Follow Focus unit is used to simplify and enhance the focusing technique. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: V1 Follow Focus, Flexible Gear Belt, Speed Crank. GEAR RING: The Professional FLEXIBLE V1 Follow-Focus GEAR RING BELT can be used with all lens types from Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED and more. Mounts to all DSLR cameras, video cameras, HDV, DV, and HD/SLR cameras with a movie function. SPEED CRANK: The Speed Crank switches your follow focus unit to crank operation. Made of anodized aluminum ends with a stainless steel shaft, the crank contains absolutely no plastic.


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